Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh No Snow!

This is what I woke up to yesterday morning. What a disappointment after all the nice 
weather we have been spoiled with.

I immediately went outside to check on my plants which were covered with snow.

Oh the hostas.... I know they cannot tolerate this. 

I think the lambs ear will be ok...

and the bergenia should be fine.

But... Oh the hostas!

Well we should know in a few days what sort of damage there is. Also, to top it off today I woke up to FROST! So there I was before I even had my morning coffee spraying my plants with water. I heard this somehow helps. I don't know why but it was worth a try. Anything to save my plants... I know I'm obsessed, but what can one do.

I promised an update on my pond filtration system and how it has worked, so here is a before and after. It has really cleared up. I believe it is largely due to the UV light filter, but the colder weather could be helping also. Hopefully when the weather warms up it will remain that way.


  1. Oh no. It is so hard to see snow on those spring plants. The water does help when it frosts. It's hard to get out there in the chilly air to spray everything but it is worth it. I hope the damage wasn't too bad.

  2. What happened to the apple tree?

    1. Dad pruned it! He says it will fill in in no time and we will get larger apples.

  3. Spring plants are hardy, I'm sure they will survive! Lovely garden!

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