Friday, May 28, 2010


serendipity |ˌserənˈdipitē|
the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way

The siberian iris are looking beautiful.

Here is  closer look.

You can see them here again in the rock garden. I started out with one plant and it has self seeded over the years . The seed heads are so nice that I leave them on until spring. Every once in a while I have to dig some out that are just not in a good spot... but then they make nice gifts. The smoke bush half way up the steps also self seeded from the neighbours tree. I probably would never have planted one there but I love it now.  

Speaking of self seeders these daisies and wood anemones were never planted in my garden. They just magically appeared. They seem to like it here so I let them stay.

They are pretty, don't you agree?

Friday, May 21, 2010

I Should Have Started More Seeds

Can you believe this cost $56? I went to the garden centre to buy bedding plants this week and was amazed at the cost. I was trying to be thrifty too. Next year I am going to try to start more flowers from seed. I usually start vegetables and perennials but next year....

Speaking of vegetables, my garden is coming up nicely. You can see onions, lettuce, peas and those are tomatoes (that I started from seed) behind those bags. I have also planted beans this week. Last night Clare (my husband) also planted some things. But I noticed this morning that he failed to label anything so it will be a surprise. Hmmmmm...

The bachelor's button have bloomed this week. I planted them years ago int the garden and they have self seeded all over. After they bloom I just pull out the ones I don't want.

The Camassia is showing off well.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

FROST, What a Killjoy

Look what the frost did to my hosta. I was so disappointed to see how it was damaged. Hopefully I can cut off the injured leaves and it will come back. 

And then there is this pure wisteria never made it to flower.

Here is another sad little fellow. I was looking so forward to seeing these flowers.

But then as I was inspecting the plant closer I found a lone survivor. That made my day.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

After the Rain

Everything always looks so nice and fresh after a rain. Here is a view of the patio from the deck, with my old weathered adirondack chairs replaced with some of my patio furniture from the deck. It looks more inviting with the adirondacks but I just can't seem to get them to last in this weather. Someday I hope to splurge and buy the recycled plastic ones, that look just like wood.

I've been working hard at protecting my sum & substance hosta from the frost and it is looking great. Now we just have to get through this cold spell.

The lady's mantel always looks good after a rain with the water droplets on its leaves. It is a spring favourite with it's lushness.

A closer look at an oriental lily. I like them because you can stick them almost anywhere for a bit of colour and the foliage looks good all season.

The pasque flower seed heads just call out to be photographed.

My iberis candytuft has come back well after almost loosing it last year to winter kill. I started this plant from seed (courtesy OSC Seeds) 18 years ago now, and am glad to see that it is still going strong.

The catmint is in it's prime.

Another view of the rock garden. The gardens are filling out nicely now.

I love the way the ferns uncurl.

I was trying to take a picture of the apple blossoms but Codie kept getting in the way so I gave up and took a picture of her instead. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Breaking News - Wisteria Buds Sighted

Buds have been sighted on my wisteria! I can't believe it. The last time it bloomed was in 2002. I had almost given up on it. I must thank the blogger (who's name I cannot remember) who described how she pruned her wisteria. I went out and pruned mine and voila! I can't wait to show everyone the flowers. I'm so excited.

Here is my serviceberry in full bloom. It is finally getting to a good size.

The ajuga has come into bloom in the rock garden along with the phlox. Just behind it I am noticing the chives which I think I will put on my salad tonight. (good thing I took this picture or I might not have noticed) The catmint in the background is just starting and will put on quite a show in a day or two.

These are some little Lady's Mantle seedling which I dug up from the garden. They will either be gifts or end up as filler in some pots on my deck. I think I'm going to dig up some more. They are all over the place.

Codie - need I say more.
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