Thursday, May 3, 2012

Garden Delights - Look What's Blooming Today

As I wandered through the garden today I was delighted to see the purple sand cherry blossoms.
I had forgotten how pretty they were and they brought a smile to my face.

I then wandered on and was pleased to spot this little white pasque flower. It blooms a little later than the purple one which is past its prime as seen in the following photos.

I should not have said "past its prime". I take that back because once the flower fades this beautiful seed head remains for weeks. I think it's as beautiful as the flower.

The creeping veronica has also come into flower. This plant is such a pretty blue 
which is hard to find in the garden.

As I moved on I spotted these tulips that I did not plant. Thank you squirrels, good job! 

One of the things that I enjoy so much about gardening is that every day it changes and brings new delights. If I am gone a few days I cannot wait to tour the garden to see what has gone on while I was away. 

I wonder what she is thinking. 

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