Saturday, May 8, 2010

After the Rain

Everything always looks so nice and fresh after a rain. Here is a view of the patio from the deck, with my old weathered adirondack chairs replaced with some of my patio furniture from the deck. It looks more inviting with the adirondacks but I just can't seem to get them to last in this weather. Someday I hope to splurge and buy the recycled plastic ones, that look just like wood.

I've been working hard at protecting my sum & substance hosta from the frost and it is looking great. Now we just have to get through this cold spell.

The lady's mantel always looks good after a rain with the water droplets on its leaves. It is a spring favourite with it's lushness.

A closer look at an oriental lily. I like them because you can stick them almost anywhere for a bit of colour and the foliage looks good all season.

The pasque flower seed heads just call out to be photographed.

My iberis candytuft has come back well after almost loosing it last year to winter kill. I started this plant from seed (courtesy OSC Seeds) 18 years ago now, and am glad to see that it is still going strong.

The catmint is in it's prime.

Another view of the rock garden. The gardens are filling out nicely now.

I love the way the ferns uncurl.

I was trying to take a picture of the apple blossoms but Codie kept getting in the way so I gave up and took a picture of her instead. 


  1. I have a tropical styled garden because temperate ones look so boring most of the time but yours looks great! I like your macro photography too.

  2. What a beautiful garden! I love how fresh everything looks after it rains.


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