Monday, October 17, 2011

Catching Up - last May 2011

I have not posted anything since early spring so I thought I would go through my pictures and post a few. I'll start with May and see how far I get in the next couple of weeks. So here they are.

This is the rock garden just above the pond. At one time there was a waterfalls running down through it but it has since deteriorated due to frost. Someday I would like to redo it. Blooming in this garden you can see, ajuga, rock cress, iberis candytuft and catmint.

This is the same rock garden but looking down at it from the patio behind the garage.

And here's a closer look at the iberis candytuft with the hosta. In the back you can see the catmint

This is the garden and patio behind the garage. The large hosta in the foreground is Sum and Substance. Luckily there was no frost damage this year unlike last spring. I've had to get rid of my adirondack chairs this year because they were rotting. They just don't seem to last. Someday I will splurge and get the composite ones.

This is affectionately known as the Wheatboy Garden. It runs down the side yard into the back. You can see the lilacs blooming and the ornamental rhubarb.

Below the rock garden is the pond. It is just starting to come alive. Codie likes to hang out here and stalk the frogs.

Here I am planting the vegetable garden. Of course Codie is always right there helping out. :)

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