Friday, April 30, 2010


We had frost Wednesday night. Luckily I was on the ball and covered up my favourite hosta. Unlike last year when it suffered greatly from frost damage.

This is what was under the sheet. Hosta sum & substance one of the largest leafed hostas. It's large leaves are very dramatic in the garden and add a nice contrast to the other plants in the garden.

This is the same garden 24 hours later and the hosta is suffering no ill effects. That's Codie dancing through the forget-me-nots.

The apple blossoms are about to burst.

I am so excited the plum tree is full of blossoms. This is the second summer I have had the tree. Last year I got one plum - it was delicious! Hopefully this year I will have more to share.

I believe it is called a stanley plum. This is what it should look like in September.
(in my dreams)

Not only cats like the catmint.

This spurge looks good with the pasque flower in the background that has gone to seed. 

Here is a closer look at that beautiful seed head.

Now I think I better go outside and cover up that hosta again. I'm taking no chances.
I hope I can find it in the dark. I also hope my neighbours don't see me... they already think I'm a bit crazy. I don't want them to think I'm gardening in the dark, although that is not a bad idea..... gotta go

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