Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Head Start

The white Pasque Flower has finally opened. It is a nice compliment to the purple one which is nearby.

I love this Pasque Flower so much I keep taking pictures of it every time I go out with my camera. It is fully open here.

I have finally started my tomatoes and they are coming up nicely.

I have started Tomato - Sweetie,Tomato - Celebrity Hybrid, Tomato - Cluster Grande Hybrid, Flowering Tobacco - Only the Lonely (height 60 inches!), and Ornamental Grass - Red Rooster.

I hope to plant these soon:  Gaillardia - Arizona Sun, Rudbeckia - Autumn Forest, and Rudbeckia - Cherry Brandy.

All my seeds are from OSC seeds in Waterloo, Ontario. You can check them out online at: 


  1. gaillardia is a great plant to grow! Its actually native here in Florida and grows in the dunes of our beaches. I planted some under an oak tree and they did surprisingly well considering the shade, enduring drought and being trampled on by my sheltie every day.
    Good luck with those tomatoes! I've never had a good spot for those so haven't tried them yet.

  2. Yes it is. I already have a few plants and love the way they bloom so long, adding colour. If I am successful in starting these I hope to place them strategically around the garden. We also call them Blanket Flower.
    I have a vegetable garden that usually has so many tomatoes in it that I give them to the neighbours. If I was more of a cook than a gardener I would be making salsa. I always have good intentions but never get around to it.


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